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Vincent to Caminha , with a sizable number of fishermen, ships and high sea fishing. The result was a very considerable quantity of caught fish.

The community became wealthier and, following a royal provision by Queen Mary I in , the inspector general Almada reorganized the town's layout, a new civic center with a monumental city hall, streets and infrastructure were built, all of which provided potential for a new business — sea baths.

It then became renowned for its refined literary culture, artistic patronage in music and theater, and intellectual tertulia.

On February 27, , a shipwreck had critical impact in community. Seven lanchas poveiras wrecked in a storm and fishermen were killed, just metres off the shore.

The fishing industry lost much of its importance. Streetcars appeared in and endured until September The rail connection to Porto opened in and to inland Minho region in The first urbanization project for the waterfront was drafted in All these events led to a major growth between the s and s.

It is one of northern Portugal's main urban centres. Occupying an area of To the west, it has a shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean. The plain is located in a cuspate foreland, an old marine plateau from the Plio-Pleistocene , conferring a sandy soil to the coastal lands.

The sand dunes in the Northwestern coast formed during the Little Ice Age and started piling up in the 15th or 16th century. Despite their modest rise, the expanse of the plain makes them easy reference points on the horizon.

The mountain chain known as Serra de Rates divides the municipality in two distinctive areas: the coastal plain and hills where the forests become more abundant and the soils have less sea influence.

There are no large rivers, but abundant small water streams exist. Some of these streams are permanent, such as the Este River , which feeds into the Ave.

The land is well-irrigated, springs and wells are very common, since underground water is often close to the surface.

The forest areas suffer from strong demographic pressure and intensive agriculture. Forests are still important in parishes surrounded by the Serra de Rates, whose flora is distinguished by the pedunculate oak or the european holly.

In the past the Atlantic forest predominated, with trees such as oaks , ash trees , hazels , strawberry trees , holm oak , and alders.

The granitic gneiss rocks throughout the entire coastline are home to large populations of invertebrates, fish and seaweed.

These gneiss and the dunes form rich ecosystems, but are threatened by waterfront construction, holiday-makers and dune sports.

Short-beaked common dolphins occur in large numbers in Northern Portugal. Alive or dead discarded fish while fishing can be easily caught by dolphins, which could help explain this relationship in the city's waters.

A continuous area dominated by schist exists to the Northeast and vernacular architecture of the rural areas highlight the local geological diversity.

Heat waves can occur for an average of 10 days, yet it tends to be balmier than inland Northwestern Portugal, and it is used by inland Minho Province residents seeking to escape the summer heat in the valleys.

The city possesses a microclimate and is considered the region least subject to frosts in all northern Portugal.

Cold waves are absent and snowfall is firmly uncommon, the last occurred in January More recently, snowfall occurred inland. This is due to the winter maritime winds that normally blow from the south and southwest.

Topography and distance from the sea influences precipitation even at short distances. The prevailing northern winds , known as Nortadas , arise in the summer after midday.

Sunshine duration values are high, between April and September the mean is always over hours, peaking in July with hours.

The gloomiest months are December and January with hours each — data. Solar irradiance is high in the city's beaches, and lower inland and in the northwestern coast.

According to the Census, there were 63, inhabitants that year, 38 The number goes up to , if adjacent satellite areas are taken into account, [23] ranking it as the seventh largest independent urban area in Portugal, within a polycentric agglomeration of about 3 million people, ranging from Braga to Porto.

The rural areas away from the city tend to be scarcely populated, becoming denser near it. During the summer the resident population in the city triples; this seasonal movement from neighbouring cities is due to the draw of the beach and Most of the growth in foreign population arrived from China, other Asian countries, France and other European countries.

Anthropological and cultural data indicate Nordic fishermen settling during the period of the coast's resettlement. On the other hand, the man from the interior was a farmer with Galician character Paleo and Nordid-Atlantid.

In a research, anthropologist Fonseca Cardoso considered that Poveiros were the result of a mixture of Teutons, Jews and mostly, Normans.

Poveiros have migrated to other places and this attenuated the population growth. In Rio de Janeiro, the community was known by not wanting other peoples of other origins, including Portuguese born in other regions, within their community.

In , many Poveiros emigrated in Brazil returned, as many refused to lose Portuguese nationality. Due to fisher classes affairs, the fisher areas of Vila do Conde, Esposende and Matosinhos have strong Povoan cultural influence and half of the population of Vila do Conde and Matosinhos are of Povoan descent.

In , the unemployment rate, at However, per capita values were just Despite its weight in Greater Porto international trade is weak, in it represented 1.

Nevertheless, the mean value of fish landed in , in its seaport, was almost three times that of Matosinhos seaport and significantly higher in the average vessels' capacity.

Its fishing productivity is also comparatively higher than the national average. Marine fish farming started in by SafiEstela, an aquafarming firm established in Production is still specialized in horticultural goods, but most of the masseiras were substituted by greenhouses and a significant share of the production is exported to other Western European markets.

This technique increases agricultural yields by using large, rectangular depressions dug into sand dunes, with the spoil piled up into banks surrounding the depression.

Grapes are cultivated on the banks to the south, east and west, and trees and reeds on the northern slope act as a windbreak against the prevailing northern wind.

Garden crops are grown in the central depression. National visitors are prevalent and from diverse localities. National and foreign visitors search the town for the numerous sandy beaches, sunbathing, sunsets over the ocean, relaxation and city trips.

Walking from the beach promenades to the old town shopping street, the Junqueira , is particularly enjoyed, as is local food, most especially seafood.

Reducing seasonality in tourism demand has been a city's goal, throw the development of sports and cultural tourism , this helped to decline the seasonality from There are some industrial areas, including Zona Industrial de Amorim and Parque Industrial de Laundos , in the city's outskirts, next to the A28 Motorway.

The wave farm used Pelamis P machines. The manufacturing industry is an important employer, mostly in the textile industry.

One of its traditional and high-end products are the Tapetes Beiriz, a handmade rug produced since , which currently also produces contemporary rugs.

The clothing industry balanced back from European Union's expansion to Eastern Europe and Globalization , by shifting to luxury clothing for high fashion brands or reinventing uniforms, with specific needs or complexity, as seen in the case of Damel.

A Municipal Assembly exists and it is the legislative body of the municipality. After the first free elections, with the end of the Estado Novo period, only right-wing parties have governed the city: the city council was governed by the CDS between and and since then by the PSD.

The CDS saw its popularity suffer an abrupt decline in , and has since then been the third political party. On the other hand, the PSD in the same year achieved its first absolute majority with The PSD holds the majority of public offices both in the Municipal Assembly and in the administrative parishes.

However, it is not a Porto's Commuter town. Over time, these were expanded to approach the medieval lordship boundaries. The coat of arms consists of a golden sun and a silver moon; in the middle a golden cross completed by two anchor silver arms, representing safety at sea.

Over the cross, a ring, of which falls a golden rosary that interlaces with the anchor arms, representing faith and divine protection.

The crest is made of five silver towers due to its city status. The flag is broken in blue and white. Between and , a different coat of Arms and flag were used, which the population criticized; it consisted of a golden shield, covered by a red net, the sea and a black Poveiro boat ; the flag was plain red.

The population did not accept these new symbols and years later the old ones would be restored. These districts are, in turn, part of two formal administrative structures known as freguesias civil parishes : U.

Aver-o-Mar, Amorim e Terroso. The city started from an inland town that extended to the coast. The Bairro da Matriz , whose nucleus was the centre from whence the city grew, is intersected by 14th century narrow and twisted streets lined by single family homes.

Bairro Norte , the beach district, is north of town and is densely occupied. Close at hand, Barreiros and Parque da Cidade are districts from the latest expansion.

Argivai is divided by the Santa Clara Aqueduct , the second largest aqueduct in Portugal, construction started in Of the diverse religious buildings the 18th century Baroque churches are prominent: the Matriz Church , the Senhora das Dores Church and its six chapels, and the fishermen Lapa Church, with its curious Lapa Lighthouse.

Located near a camping park, Rio Alto Beach is chosen by naturists given its difficult access and the privacy offered by the sand dunes.

It is almost entirely landscaped including hills, a large island, a lake, ponds and a stream. It also includes great lawn areas, rustic buildings, amphitheatres and playground structures.

It is a popular place for jogging, cycling and birdwatching. It stretches from the A28 motorway to Pedreira Lake.

This woodland was damaged by the construction of high speed roads in the beginning of the s. Agros kept the essential rural setting, with some landscaping and environmental improvements, including a small lake.

Boardwalks exist in considerable lengths of the coastline. Cividade de Terroso is an archeological site surrounded by lush green areas and, in the hilltop, exclusively with native flora, as proven by archeological research.

The outer suburbs include Parque da Estela and Rates Park. Terroso, Amorim and Beiriz are located in the urban hinterland. Beiriz has the notorious Beiriz carpets and diverse old country estates such as villas and a tapada , a hunting park, while Amorim is known for the bread eaten at high temperatures just after being made — the Broa de Amorim.

Rates was a small town during the Middle Ages which developed around the monastery established by Count Henry in on the site of an older temple and gained importance due to the legend of Saint Peter of Rates , first bishop of Braga, becoming a central site in the Portuguese way of Saint James.

In Navais, there is the very ancient Moura Encontada Fountain, associated with Moura — a feminine water deity and guardian of enchanted treasures.

The main street, a shopping street since the 18th century, is a pedestrian area since , one of the earliest in Portugal, and a model for other Portuguese cities that later did similar developments.

Dotted with boutiques in old traditional buildings, Junqueira is renowned for its jewellery, [] with Ourivesaria Gomes was the goldsmith, The most notable of its goldsmiths is Ourivesaria Gomes, where, during the Estado Novo , important people of the regime were often seen with their families.

Neighbourhoods are decorated and, on the night of June 28 to 29, the population gathers in the streets and neighbourhoods compete in the rusgas carnival.

Easter Monday or Anjo festival is a remnant of a pagan festival, formerly called " Festa da Hera " The Ivy Festival , in which several family picnics are held in the woods.

The remains of such organized events are now celebrated spontaneously by the people who gather for a parade in Avenida dos Banhos. Avenida dos Banhos , along Redonda and Salgueira beaches, is an iconic avenue, with nightclubs, bars, and esplanades along the way.

Passeio Alegre is a beach square filled with esplanades and nearby Caetano de Oliveira Square, to the north, is a small lively square, with several bars where younger Povoans meet, before going on to the nightclubs.

In modern times, the city gained international prominence with Correntes d'Escritas , a literary festival where writers from the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking world gather in a variety of presentations and an annual award for best new release.

In , it was the second casino in revenues, with 54 million euros and the third most popular with 1. Others runs are held, such as 18th century-style Gala runs or with horsewomen.

It possesses ancient sacred art, Poveiro boats and archaeological finds such as Roman inscriptions and Castro culture pottery. The docudrama film Ala-Arriba!

The local expression ala-arriba means "go upwards" and it represents the co-operation between the inhabitants. Siglas Poveiras are a form of proto-writing system, with a restricted number of symbols that were combined to form more complex symbols; these were used as a rudimentary visual communication system, and as a signature to mark belongings.

The youngest son would not have any pique and would inherit his father's symbol. The Poveiro is a specific genre of boat characterized by a wide flat-bottom and a deep helm.

There were diverse boats with different sizes, uses and shapes. The most notable of which, the Lancha Poveira , was believed to be derived from the Drakkar Viking , but without a long stern and bow and with a lateen sail.

Each boat carried carvings, namely a sigla poveira mark for boat identification and magical-religious protection at sea. According to a tradition that persists to this day, the youngest son is the heir of the family, as in old Brittany and Denmark , because it was expected that he would take care of his parents when they became old.

The Camisola Poveira are pullovers, part of the dress, that have fishery motifs in white, black and red, with the name of the owner embroidered in siglas poveiras.

Other dresses include the urban tricana poveira for women and children's catalim caps. Handicrafts include the Tapetes de Beiriz rustic carpets.

Formerly, the population was divided into different " castes ", Lanchões , Rasqueiros , and Sardinheiros which were stratified depending on their Poveiro boat and fisheries caught.

Apart from them, the Lavradores the farmers and the Sargaceiros and Seareiros , who went to the sea searching for fertilizers. As a rule, the groups remained distinct, and mixed marriages between them were forbidden, mostly because of the isolationism of the fishermen.

The saint is seen as the "Boatman of Souls", fishing the souls of those who drown in the sea after a shipwreck, and helped in fisheries and marriages.

The procession to the cape occurs on the dawn of the last day of November, when groups of men and women, wearing black hoods and holding lamps, go to the chapel via the beach.

On August 15, the pinnacle of the fishermen's Feast of the Assumption occurs in the seaport with carefully arranged boats and fireworks.

The most traditional ingredients of the local cuisine are locally grown vegetables and fish. The fish used in the traditional cuisine are divided in two categories, the "poor" fish sardine , ray , mackerel , and others and the "wealthy" fish such as whiting , snook , and alfonsino.

Shellfish and boiled iscas , pataniscas , and bolinhos de bacalhau are popular snacks. Other dishes include Feijoada Poveira , made with white beans and served with dry rice arroz seco ; and Francesinha Poveira made in long bread that first appeared in as fast food for holidaymakers.

Restaurants specializing in Portuguese barbecued chicken , seafood, francesinha, bacalhau can be found along the Estrada Nacional 13 road and other areas of the city.

The city has developed a number of sporting venues and has hosted several national, European and world championships in different sports.

Several sports venues are located in the North side around Avenida Vasco da Gama. Swimming is the second most practised sport.

There are two swimming pool complexes next to each other in the North side: one Municipally owned and another one privately held.

The city pool complex is managed by Varzim Lazer. The venue has several pools including an Olympic-size swimming pool and swimming lessons for babies, children, and adults.

In the North side, there's also the Clube da Praia focusing on padel , tennis and squash courts surrounded by a private beach shaded by palm trees.

Bodyboarders and surfers meet at Salgueira Beach. In Lota , a recreation area for several audiences, is especially popular amongst the skater and biker communities, and is considered the most charismatic skater area in the country.

The marina, near the seaport, offers sea activities developed by the local yacht club - the Clube Naval Povoense. Mountain bike events are common.

Along the sand dunes, the Estela links golf course was considered by Golf Digest as the 5th best golf course in Portugal. Most are dedicated to local news and have Internet editions.

The stations' programming include local news and sports and feature an in-depth look at the city's top news by interviewing a guest at lunchtime on weekends.

Radio Onda Viva airs Mandarin Chinese programming daily. Higher education has limited history and availability. Campus 2 was built in , with 31, square metres 7.

The Rocha Peixoto Municipal Library , established in , was housed in the current building in The public hospital suffers from lack of bed spaces.

It is the first service of this kind in Northern Portugal. Mostly, crime consists of minor robberies to homes, stores, or from cars.

It was established in and granted the royal title in , which it retains. The lifeguards can be identified in the beaches by their yellow T-shirts with red captions.

The terrestrial access infrastructure is composed of national motorways freeways , the national roads system, and light rail metro.

These infrastructures and the airport, bus terminal, marina and harbour are daily used by commuters.

Public transportation within the city is provided by private-owned companies. The Central de Camionagem is a terminus for urban and long-distance buses that provide mass transit in the surrounding region, namely the city's countryside, Porto, Minho Region, and Galicia in Spain.

Litoral Norte as a wholly urban transportation network with 5 lines, while Linhares has the oldest bus network operating in the city, now owned by Transdev.

The airport, known outside the region as Porto Airport, is the second-busiest international airport in Portugal, moving over Using cars or taxis, it is fast accessible 17 minutes via the A28 motorway, linked to the A41 motorway and the airport's drop-off and pick-up areas, or the EN13 highway, the later using the airport's EN accessway.

Miguel de Laundos , is small-sized, with only meters long for ultralight aviation and other small planes for leisure activities.

Through Verdes station, Metro trains link the city and the airport. The city is connected by road on a north—south axis reaching Viana do Castelo and the Spanish border to Porto by the A28 motorway.

In Greater Porto, the A28 has the most popular suburban commercial areas of Northern Portugal with suburban shopping centers, large stand-alone stores, retail parks and outlets and reaches Porto's major thoroughfares and ring roads, including the VCI inner orbital motorway.

Although it lost usefulness for long distances, the National Roads system has acquired local importance: EN13 that cuts the city in half, in a north—south direction, is used by commuters originating from the northern suburbs and from Vila do Conde, in the south, to travel downtown.

The EN and the EN are used by commuters starting from the interior of the municipality. The Avenida dos Descobrimentos and Avenida dos Banhos , in other hand, run parallel to the coast.

The growth of the city inland and northwards made ring roads more important, this can be seen in Avenida 25 de Abril , an urban belt road.

The main ones are the Marginal in the coastal area, the Ecopista linking the city and the countryside, the Parque da Cidade - linking the City Park and the beaches and the Via B , the urban-belt bike path, all these bikeways are intertwined.

The City Park to the Coastal Area Bikeway started being built in November and it is mostly exclusive for bikes, excepting in areas where that is not possible, such as the area where it crosses the EN13 highway.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Municipality in Norte, Portugal. Coat of arms. Line B Porto Metro tram-train in Portugal portal.

INE Statistics Portugal. Archived from the original on June 18, Retrieved October 3, Cambridge University Press. Vista completa. Lo mejor en los alrededores.

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